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              PHONE:13539417338/13828472784? Mr Bin

              SZJ ,a professional architecture model studio committed to quality scale models, we are building model for government ,real estates developers.

              We build precise scale models for national and international clients.  These models are used in sales, training aids,as topotables, presentations, and displays.  We have a special expertise in building detailed scale models to your specifications giving you a realistic architectural model down to the smallest detail. 

              We would like you take the time to visit our model gallery to see some of our projects. Take a look at the accurate to scale detail  that go into making architectural model. The result is more clear and precise model with astounding realism that makes it a more effective communication tool.

              Do you have question about the benefits of building a detail scale architectural model?

              We have answers . We want to do a  presentation model that will impress your clients and project your company’s excellent image as it should be。 

              A professional model shop 

              many architectural firms have produced model in house. because of technological advances in the model building industry and the demand for more sophisticated models most firms are contracting their detailed models to professional  model builders like Architectural models. since building detailed models is our only  business, we're continually working with new  techniques and materials to better achieve additional detail. 

              The in-house model shops have mainly concentrated their efforts on producing different types of design and study models, whereas our expertise is museum quality," lift-like’’ presentation models.

              Some of our clients such as Chinese government or Military classified projects, have requested strict confidentiality  when making their models and we have provided that.

              Detailed models as best communication tools

              these 3D illustrations are built to scale from construction documents and exact specifications. In our model construction we have drawn basing on our experience in superior art, architectural art and commercial art to produce extraordinary detail and unprecedented precision.

              Pricing A model

              The uniqueness of model building is kind of like painting pictures, some are very detailed and clear like (the Falling water ) and time consuming and others are on the  abstract side. showing shapes and very little color. so we must communicate with our clients about the model bids they got, and discuss the every detail of model, before making it.

              Would you like getting the price on your upcoming model project?

              We are glad to discuss your project and put together a model proposal that is tailor-made for you. please go into  Price Quote and give us specific information about your project, or directly contact  us.